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Mayor of Carlsbad

Mayor Rick Lopez is a dedicated leader with a personal commitment to the betterment of the city. Lopez
graduated from Carlsbad High School and attended the College of the Southwest, where he majored in
management and minored in accounting. His educational background is a strong foundation for his
leadership role as mayor. Lopez’s professional life has always been dedicated to service and leadership.
He currently works as a firefighter at WIPP and has previously served as Chief of the Carlsbad Fire
Department for ten years. Drawing from this experience, he is going to continue to steer Carlsbad with a
vision for growth and prosperity.
“As your Mayor, my vision is shaped by a commitment to transparent governance, public safety,
infrastructure development, and community engagement,” he said. “I believe in an open dialogue,
empowering our community to actively contribute to Carlsbad’s future. My leadership style is rooted in
transformation, motivating city employees and decision-makers through collaboration. Together, we are
navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”
Lopez’s family is the heart of who he is as an individual. Lopez was born to David and Eva Lopez and has
two brothers, David Lopez and David Taylor. Lopez married Gloria and was blessed with two sons,
Kenneth and Keith, and five wonderful grandchildren – Cincinnati, Analisa, Kendrick, Noah, and Quincy.
Mayor Lopez invites the community to join his city initiatives and share their ideas, in order to
collectively shape Carlsbad into the future. Lopez feels grateful for the opportunity to serve as Mayor.



Phone: (575) 887-1191



Update 12-31-23

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Update 12-27-23

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to thank the hard-working City of Carlsbad employees who have done such a great job for such a long period of time. The City of Carlsbad is a very busy place, especially during this period of historic growth. We...


This Christmas, as with every other year, we know our local churches are busy preparing for their worship services. It’s important to remember that these services are only a small part of what our churches have to offer, however. These same churches assist every...

Update 10-21-23

The Potash industry has been the backbone of our community since 1929, and the industry’s generosity continues. Originally, potash was discovered in southeastern New Mexico in 1925 during drilling for oil and gas. Currently, Carlsbad has two large mines, owned by...

Update 12/20/23

We know that the new “C” on top of the water reservoir on C Hill, and the Caveman and Cavegirl on both sides of the letter, have already attracted quite a bit of notice. The project was painted by local muralist Michael Fish, while Dale Davis did the original coat of...
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