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Public Records



Pursuant to Section 14-2-8, NMSA 1978

A.  Any person wishing to inspect public records may submit an oral or written request to the custodian. However, the procedures set forth in   this section shall be in response to a written request. The failure to respond to an oral request shall not subject the custodian to any penalty.

B.  Nothing in the Inspection of Public Records Act shall be construed to require a public body to create a public record.

C.  A written request shall provide the name, address and telephone number of the person seeking access to the records and shall identify the records sought with reasonable particularity. No person requesting records shall be required to state the reason for inspecting the records.

D. A custodian receiving a written request shall permit the inspection immediately or as soon as is practicable under the circumstances, but no later than fifteen days after receiving a written request. If the inspection is not permitted within three business days, the custodian shall explain in writing when the records will be available for inspection or when the public body will respond to the request. The three-day period shall not begin until the written request is delivered to the office of the custodian.

E. In the event that a written request is not made to the custodian having possession of or responsibility for the public records requested, the person receiving the request shall promptly forward the request to the custodian of the requested public records, if known, and notify the requester. The notification to the requester shall state the reason for the absence of the records from that person’s custody or control, their records’ location and the name and address of the custodian.

Requests to inspect the City of Carlsbad public records should be submitted online at or emailed to, or sent to the Office of the City Clerk, 101 North Halagueno, Room 206, Carlsbad, NM  88220, phone number 575-234-7956, fax number 575-885-1101.

Requests for Municipal Court Records should be directed to Municipal
Court, Court Administrator, 114 South Halagueno Street, 575-885-3363.

Request forms for Inspection of City of Carlsbad Public Records can be obtained in the office of the City Clerk, Room 206. Forms must be completed and submitted to the office of the City Clerk, Room 206.

For Medical Billing Records or Questions, please contact LifeQuest at 1-800-786-4911, or by fax at 920-787-4033, ATTN: Record Request.


Contact: Nadine Mireles
Phone: (575) 887-1191 ext 7953

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