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Carlsbad Public Library – About Us




The Carlsbad Public Library is a strong community partner providing programs and services that connect people, foster creativity and curiosity, enrich lives, inspire lifelong learning, encourage literacy, and preserve the rich history of our multicultural community.


A library where imagination and opportunity thrives and helps create a strong community.



Core Values


          Provide a warm and welcoming place for community members to gather. Make our resources, services and expertise accessible for all.


          Create environments that support learning and growth which fosters a culture of exploration, innovation, and forward thinking.


          Be actively engaged in the life of the community. Foster relationships, listen and act to build and strengthen our community. Bring people together to share information, ideas and experiences by using mutual trust, collaboration and shared goals.


          Enrich people’s lives by providing them the tools and resources to successfully navigate the world.


          Provide open and equal access to the community. Support and defend patrons’ right to access information from all points of view without judgement or restriction.


          Create a respectful environment for patrons and staff through positive communication. Demonstrate excellent customer service and collaboration among patrons and staff.


Lead with honesty and integrity, while protecting patron’s privacy by using resources responsibly, equitably and transparently.



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