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Compost Facility


45 Blackfoot Road

The Carlsbad Compost Program started in 1994 as a pilot program with the intention to increase the life span of the landfill. The process involves dewatered biosolids combined with other organic materials such as wood mulch produced by the Solid Waste Department which create a moist, porous mixture. Special mixing and turning equipment is used to optimize natural aerobic microbial processes which convert the mixture into a premium quality soil builder. 135 degrees F heat produced by naturally occurring microbes pasteurizes the material, killing unwanted bacteria and viruses. After six (6) weeks of composting and curing, the compost is screened to remove large particles, yielding a pleasing, odor free product ready for use. Test results demonstrate that the product meets the most stringent USEPA limits for heavy metals content, permitting its unrestricted use for any horticultural purpose.

Contact: Matt Warner
Phone: (575) 887.5412

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