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Update 11-9-23


Congratulations again to all of the winners of this week’s election: Rick Lopez (Mayor), Anthony Foreman, Mary Garwood, Lisa Anaya Flores and JJ Chavez (City Council) and Collis Johnson (Municipal Court).

Carlsbad also has three new school board members: Chester Kevin Miller, Cherie Windmayer and Emily Wirth. Sarah Jo Bowman won re-election to the college board.

Loving Mayor Ricky Fuentes Jr. also won his race for re-election, and Janice Rodriguez won election to council there. Fuentes also won election to Loving’s school board. Bobby Granger won the election for Loving Municipal Judge.

We look forward to working with all of these officials toward ensuring a smooth transition in January.


We hope you’ll join us this weekend at the Carlsbad Museum to see a new exhibit “America at the Crossroads: The Guitar and a Changing Nation.”

We have outstanding employees at the Carlsbad Museum, men and women who always take a lot of pride in their work, but we know this exhibit is very special to them. A few years ago, a different guitar exhibit was set up at the Carlsbad Museum, but the COVID-19 shutdowns prevented most people from getting to see it. This new guitar exhibit is even better, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Carlsbad has a great history of being the hometown for talented musicians, ranging from the legendary Sonny Throckmorton up through current players like JJ Aguilar and members of the band Stranded. Another incredible local talent, Robin Scott, will be performing at the exhibit opening.

The exhibit’s opening reception will run from 4-7 p.m., Saturday and we hope to see you there.


We had a good visit this week with Candice Robertson, who is with the Department of Energy’s “Cleanup to Clean Energy” program. The program is looking at using some of the space at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as a location for alternative energy. This could include solar panels, a small modular reactor or other options. We certainly support an all of the approach when it comes to energy. We also recognize that we are in a region where many of the world’s leading experts on energy already work and live, so we hope that any program will take advantage of that fact.

Xcel energy had individuals present at the meeting, as did some companies who might be potentially invested in the area. If handled correctly, a program such as this could add jobs to our area and help meet growing electrical needs. We look forward to further discussions.



Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway



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