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Update 11-6-23


One of Carlsbad’s outstanding nonprofits celebrated its annual gala last week with a number of inspirational messages from some of the men and women who have benefitted from the program.

Lifehouse, who is currently in the process of adding several more sober living facilities, filled the civic center and raised additional funds for the organization through an auction and a silent auction. Congratulations to Linda Dodd, who led the effort to organize the gala, Lifehouse director Philip Huston and everyone with the organization, and the organization’s very dedicated board. It was a large event that was only possible through hard work and dedication by so many. One of the individuals to first envision Lifehouse, George Dunagan, came to City Hall several years ago and described a program that would add rehabilitation options to our community. Since then, Lifehouse has expanded in every direction and now offers an increasing number of behavioral health and treatment options. Two additional sober living houses are currently under construction.

During the gala, former graduates from Lifehouse’s programs shared stories about what they got out of the program and how it helped them get their life back together. There was even one marriage proposal. Lifehouse’s increase in services over the past few years is truly a wonderful success story.


Thank you again to the family of Admiral Wertheim, who joined us on Saturday for his induction into the Carlsbad Museum’s Hall of Fame. We felt that it was an outstanding induction of someone who very much deserved to be included. It will be another big week for the museum. From 4-7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11, the museum will be celebrating the Opening Reception of its newest exhibit “America At the Crossroads: The Guitar and a Changing Nation.” Robin Scott will be performing and free catering will be available.

As a reminder, there will be a Veteran’s Day celebration on Saturday. The parade will leave the school administration building at 10 a.m. and head toward the Carlsbad Veterans Park, where a ceremony will take place. Additional activities for veterans are being held throughout the week. For example, every year, Amparo Vasquez holds a special ceremony at the Alejandrio Ruiz Senior Center.


Carlsbad Municipal Schools has sponsored a Nov. 16 presentation about helping deal with your child’s anxiety. This event will be from 5-6 p.m. over Zoom. You can register by visiting




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