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Update 10-22-23


Our upcoming Hall of Fame induction will be a very special one. Rear Admiral Robert H. Wertheim, a Carlsbad native, will be inducted into the hall of fame at 11 a.m. Nov. 4 in a ceremony at the Carlsbad Museum. The ceremony is open to the public, and we hope you’ll attend. We’ll serve a light lunch afterwards.

Wertheim enrolled in the New Mexico Military Institute following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He later received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. He worked his way up through the Navy and also enrolled at MIT, where he earned a master’s degree in nuclear physics. He then became heavily involved in the Navy’s missile training program.

In fact, Senator Robert once called Wertheim the “Navy’s leading authority on strategic missiles,” due to his extensive work on the project. His skills as both a researcher and as an administrator allowed him to move our country’s ability to defend itself forward.

NMMI will have a representative at our ceremony for Wertheim – Col. David West, who is the Chief of Staff. Many members of Admiral Wertheim’s family will be joining us from across the country that day as well.  We’re very honored to have all of these esteemed guests joining us, and we hope to see you on Nov. 4.

Additionally, we are meeting with members of the Eddy County Patriotic Society next week to discuss our community’s plans for Veterans Day. We look forward to sharing that information very soon.


Thanks again to everyone who was part of our energy summit this past week, and we’re sure we’ll have more to discuss about that event soon. There was a very important part of the summit that happened behind the scenes that we wished to discuss.

Singer and songwriter Sonny Throckmorton, who is also a member of Carlsbad’s hall of fame, joined us for the summit this year. Prior to the event, Sonny met with students from Carlsbad High School, the Early College High School, Jefferson Montessori Academy and some home school students, who had a chance to ask him about a career in the music industry and life in Nashville.  They met at the Carlsbad museum, where Throckmorton’s hall of fame case is set up. Throckmorton also attended our energy summit sponsor dinner on Wednesday night, where country legend Moe Bandy performed. Throckmorton wrote several songs for Bandy many years ago, and we were honored to help set up a reunion.



Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway


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