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Update 9-26-23


We have a very special surprise planned for the recipients of this year’s “Spirit of the Workforce” awards, which will be presented at the end of our energy summit on Oct. 19 at the civic center. This is an awards ceremony that we’ve held for several years now in which we’ve tried to honor members of our local workforce who often operate behind the scenes. Our judges are looking for a commitment to safety, a display of hard work ethic, and a focus on philanthropic events. We would love to receive some additional nominations this year, by Oct. 1, and the nomination form is very easy.

For more information, please visit the energy summit’s web page at and click on the nomination form. You’ll be asked to share stories about why this candidate really stands out and talk about his or her involvement in the community.

Thanks again to our judges- Aaron Emmert, Anthony Foreman, Tracy Hughes, Clint Cone and Cindy Bryan.  We’ve enjoyed hearing about all the amazing things that members of our workforce do in Carlsbad and the surrounding area. This has always been a very popular part of our energy summit, and we hope to select from some very outstanding nominations this year. Please get us your nomination today.


Did you know that the City of Carlsbad has a beautification fund that allows your organization or nonprofit to earn funds for cleanup projects around town? This is a great way for a local youth club, for example, to help clean up our town while also earning $500 for the organization. For more information about this opportunity, please call the mayor’s office at (575) 887-1191 or email Thank you to everyone who supports this project- which is a win-win for everyone. This project stays very busy, and we’ve especially enjoyed working with local youth sports teams who are trying to earn some additional funds.


The Carlsbad Water Park’s last two days this year will be Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 1, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. We appreciate all of our hard working lifeguards who allow us to extend our weekend season through the end of September. We had a very safe and fun season at the water park this year, and we look forward to opening next year around Memorial Day. Thanks as well to all of the families and companies who used our water park for parties over the summer.




Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway



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