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Update 1-27-23


The Hall of Fame displays for our two newest inductees, Dwight Pitcaithley and Gary Niblett, have been installed at the Carlsbad Museum and will be available for viewing beginning on Saturday, Jan. 28. These displays, which include artifacts celebrating the lives of these remarkable men, are beautiful, and the employees at the Carlsbad Museum did a great job putting them together. A Hall of Fame induction ceremony for both of these outstanding individuals will take place at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, and we hope you can attend.

Niblett, whose works are currently on display at the museum, was born in Carlsbad in 1943. At a young age, he was employed by local ranchers to paint portraits of their horses. He eventually took a job as a background artist with Hanna-Barbera Inc., where he worked on projects such as Scooby Doo, The Jetsons and Charlotte’s Web.

He gained national recognition, however, when he returned to New Mexico to focus on Western art. He has been recognized internationally for his art, and is especially well regarded for his versatility.

Dr. Pitcaithley’s entire family plays a major role in Carlsbad’s history. His mother, Lynne, is already a Hall of Fame recipient who was known as one of Carlsbad’s greatest advocates for animals. Lynne was also a talented author and actress.  Dwight found his own path, however, that ultimately led to him being the chief historian of the entire National Park system. He has also authored several books and is a distinguished lecturer.

At our ceremony Saturday, Ken Britt will serve as our emcee. The Carlsbad Veterans Honor Guard will deliver the opening presentation of the Colors.

The extraordinarily talented Voncile King will sing the Star Spangled Banner and deliver an invocation. Joe Rimes will assist us with Mr. Niblett’s induction ceremony, while Dr. John Andrews, also a Hall of Fame recipient, will assist us with Dr. Pitcaithley.

It will also be another great opportunity to see Niblett’s exhibit, which remains on display at the Carlsbad Museum. We’ll have refreshments available and hope to see you there. Sincerely, Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

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