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Update 12-30-22


Happy New Year Carlsbad! This is a good to look back at some of the biggest developments around the City of Carlsbad in 2022.

  • One of the accomplishments the City is most proud of this year has been all of the enhancements to the Carlsbad Beach area, which are being put to good use by the public. This includes soccer goals, pickleball courts and volleyball courts, as well as additional picnic areas and shade structures. There’s more on the horizon, including the construction of additional pickleball courts and the development of a putt putt golf course (at the municipal golf course), which we know is going to be extremely popular.


  • It was also a great year for businesses in Carlsbad. New businesses that opened in Carlsbad in 2022 included Big Lots (on the north end of town) and WingStop (on the south end). Businesses in development include HTeaO, Planet Fitness, the new Advanced Heart & Vascular location and a shopping center along National Parks Highway. We thank all of these businesses for their investment in Carlsbad.


  • One of the biggest stories of the year in Carlsbad was that Southeast New Mexico College completed its transition from being a branch campus into an independent college. This was following a grassroots effort in our community in pursuit of independence. The college now has a local governing board and is doing very well.


  • Of course, oil and gas remained one of the biggest stories of the year in Carlsbad. The state’s massive surplus budget is largely due to the oil and gas efforts taking place in Eddy and Lea Counties. Carlsbad’s population has continued to swell, and we’re still seeing a great deal of housing and apartment development. The potash industry has remained extremely healthy.


  • The Carlsbad brine well was successfully remediated in 2022. Monitoring of the brine well continues, and no new problems have been detected.


  • It was a very important year for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Emplacement activities were completed in Panel 7 and have moved on to Panel 8. WIPP’s management and operations contractor is also in the process of changing hands.


  • One of the biggest challenges for us in 2022 was dealing with HB 6, which changed the way gross receipts taxes are filed to a model based on where services take place, not where an office is located. This has been devastating to cities such as Carlsbad and Hobbs and will remain a high priority during the upcoming legislative session.


  • 2022 was an election year at the county and state level. We thank all of our outgoing elected officials for their service, including Commissioner Steven McCutcheon, Judge Eileen Riordan, County Clerk Darlene Rosprim, Assessor Gemma Ferguson and interim Magistrate Judge Richard Van Dyk. We thank all of these individuals for their service and look forward to working with their successors in the upcoming year.




Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway



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