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Update 9-29-22  


This is the second part of our development report, which was compiled by our Planning and Engineering Department.

Residential Developments

Who Who Drive Subdivision: located at the corner of Who Who Dr. and N. Guadalupe St. north of Cherry Ln. This development is owned by Cody May. The property is being split into five individual lots for residential development. The Planning and Zoning Commission has approved this subdivision.

Ridgecrest Subdivision: located on E. Greene St., 11 undeveloped lots are being built on or marketed currently. The owner of the lots is Ray Westall. The developers and builders are Wanda Welch and Betty Blea. The plan is to build out the remaining lots that have been approved, and then begin work on subsequent phases of this subdivision that will develop the remaining portion of the Westall property. Houses are currently being built.

Cielo Lindo Subdivision Phase 2A: plans are being finished to extend Phase 2 of the Cielo Lindo Subdivision to add 18 new residential lots to the development.

Martin Farms Subdivision Unit 4: located to the north of Martin Farms Subdivision Unit 3, east of Old Cavern Hwy. Unit 4 will create 66 new residential lots for development. Work is underway.

Oasis Subdivision Phases 1-3: located to the north of Farmview Subdivision Phases 1-4, and east of Martin Farms Subdivision. The developer is Ken Thurston. Final plans have been submitted have been approved. Infrastructure and drainage dirt work is underway. This project will create 290 new single family residential lots when complete. Phase 1 of the project will be 135 new single family lots and is complete. Work on Phases 2 and 3 has begun and these phases will create 155 new lots.

Jayden Jenkins property: located to the east of Davis Park south of Kircher St. There are currently 11 residential lots at this location. Mr. Jenkins intends to install duplex housing at this property.

Carlston Ranch Master Planned Community: located south of Derrick Rd. on the east side of National Parks Hwy. The developer has submitted preliminary drawings for two residential subdivisions that would create 310 residential lots for sale. These plans are in the early development stages.

Ponderosa Subdivision: located at 3103 Boyd Dr. The owner is Constructors, Inc. Three large commercial parcels will be created along Boyd Dr. for development, as well as a 16 unit employee housing complex to the west of the commercial lots. Constructors plans to house its employees in the employee housing. This project is in the early construction stages.

Skyline Dr. Residential Subdivision Phase 2: Phase 2 of this development will be located to the north of the Skyline Dr. Commercial development, just further north along W. Pierce St. This property is approximately 96 acres in size, and the developers plan to build up to 40 single family residential lots as well as an additional 20 commercial lots to be placed along W. Pierce St. Planning continues.


Thad Winn Tracts Subdivision: located on Harvest Ln. west of Standpipe Rd. and north of Hidalgo Rd. Mr. Winn is requesting to subdivide this 19 acre property into 20 lots for residential development. This subdivision is scheduled to appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission at the June 6, 2022, meeting.



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