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City Receives “Unmodified” Audit

The City of Carlsbad has received an “Unmodified Opinion” from the Albuquerque accounting firm of Hinkle and Landers on its annual audit. The results of the audit have now been released to the public by the State Auditor.

An unmodified opinion means that the auditor reviewed the City’s books for the previous fiscal year and found that they fairly represent the financial position of the City of Carlsbad. There were no findings in the audit, Director of Finance Melissa Salcido said.

The City of Carlsbad submitted the audit on Dec. 15.  The City received notice that the audit was approved by the state on March 30. State law requires an audit every year.

“This is excellent news because it means the public’s funds are being properly accounted for,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway said. “This also keeps the City of Carlsbad eligible to apply for Community Development Block Grants.”

Mayor Janway complimented the City of Carlsbad’s finance department, including Salcido, Assistant City Treasurer Lavelta Jenkins and Grants Administrator Sandy Gonzalez, as well as Deputy Administrator Wendy Austin and members of the City Council budget committee.

“While there’s a lot going on across the City, none of it matters if we aren’t being financially responsible,” Mayor Janway said. “We appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication. This was truly a team effort.”

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