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Work Underway at Upper Beach Area

The City of Carlsbad will soon be completing a major revitalization area in the Upper Beach Area, Mayor Janway has announced.  The Upper Beach Area is the area of the Lake Carlsbad Beach Park near the entrance to the Carlsbad Water Park.

The revitalization, which has the full support of the City Tree Advisory Board, will include removing older trees (which are dead or dying) and planting new ones, sod and irrigation improvements, a reorganizing of benches and tables, and ultimately adding a gazebo to the area.

“It’s one of our most popular park locations for families and businesses holding events,” Mayor Janway said. “We want to make this beautiful part of Carlsbad even better and more accommodating to people holding events in the area.”

The project is set to begin this week. While some portions of the area will be blocked during specific phases of the project, most of the Upper Beach Area will remain open to the public throughout the revitalization phase. The Carlsbad Municipal Schools free lunch program will not be interrupted.

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