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Ordinances, Regulations and Publications


Short Term Housing Strategy

The short term housing strategy provides a list of potential growth sites for the City of Carlsbad to explore and potentially develop in order to accommodate the growth of the City of Carlsbad.

Final Approved Comprehensive PlanThe City of Carlsbad Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-range plan which provides elected and appointed officials with a general framework from which to make decisions regarding the long-term growth of the community. The current plan was adopted by the City Council in January, 2020 (Res. 2020-05).


Greater Carlsbad Housing Analysis & Strategic Plan

The Greater Carlsbad Housing Analysis & Strategic Plan was adopted in 2009. The Plan identifies housing issues in the greater Carlsbad area and establishes goals and objectives for providing quality residential development options for area residents. (This plan is currently being updated. The final draft will be available Spring 2015.)


Zoning Ordinance - Chapter 56 Code of Ordinances

The City’s Zoning Ordinance is located in Chapter 56 of the Code of Ordinances and was updated in October 2011 (Ord. 2011-15). The Zoning Ordinance provides regulations that serve to protect the health, safety and general welfare of area residents and land owners.  The ordinance regulates land uses, development densities, building setbacks, development standards and temporary and accessory uses. This ordinance has not yet been codified into the City ordinances available at Please click the link on this page for a current copy.


Subdivision Ordinance - Chapter 47 Code of Ordinances

The City’s Subdivision Ordinance is located in Chapter 47 of the Code of Ordinances and was updated in February 2013 (Ord. 2013-05). The Subdivision Ordinance provides regulations that protect the health, safety and general welfare of area residents and land owners. The ordinance regulates the subdivision and platting of land, subdivision infrastructure, improvements and design.


Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance - Chapter 8, Article 5 Code of Ordinances

The City’s Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance  is located in Chapter 8 of the Code of Ordinances. The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the public and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions. The Pecos River, Hackberry Draw and Dark Canyon are the three primary flood hazard sources within the City. The Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are utilized together to determine the community’s flood hazard risk. All properties located within the floodplain are subject to this ordinance.

Affordable Housing Ordinance

Affordable Housing Application

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Adopted June 4, 2010

Eddy County Flood Insurance Study

List of Approved Low-Water Use & Native Vegetation

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan FY 2015-2019

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan For Year 2016-2020

City Of Carlsbad Infrastructure Specifications

Code Enforcement Reference

Housing Analysis and Strategic Plan Update 2015

City of Carlsbad Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan

CCO Chapter 9 - Carlsbad Cannabis Ordinance

City Of Carlsbad Cannabis FAQ

Carlsbad, New Mexico - Official City Website