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Update 5-24-23


Carlsbad had another very special graduation ceremony last week. The Carlsbad Enrichment Center held its first cohort graduation as an independent school on May 18. Principal Rob Christiansen, who sadly passed away very recently. Christiansen had already planned the graduation and written the script before his passing, and school officials carried out his plan. There was also a moment of silence held in memory of Christiansen. Mike Antiporda, with the Carlsbad Community Foundation, was the guest speaker and did an excellent job.


This year, 67 seniors graduated from the program. These students did not fit in with a traditional high school setting, but overcame numerous obstacles to succeed. Two students also received diplomas from the U.S. Army Recruiter. Most of the students worked full time while obtaining their degrees. There were many great success stories to celebrate, and Christiansen played a major role in making them possible.


Thank you to the Carlsbad School District for holding this very important graduation ceremony, and for recognizing Mr. Christiansen and all of his work as an educator. Rob had been employed with the Carlsbad Municipal School District since 1997, minus two years where he moved to the Corpus Christi area. He also taught at the high school and at Alta Vista Middle School.  He is still missed a great deal by members of our community.



Carlsbad MainStreet has been designated as an Accredited MainStreet America program, according to a press release sent out by the organization. Carlsbad MainStreet’s performance is evaluated annually by New Mexico MainStreet. Communities must meet a set of standards that includes revitalization programs, preserving historical sites, establishing public/private partnerships and supporting small businesses. In 2022, Carlsbad’s MainStreet recorded more than $500,000 in private reinvestment, more than 1,000 volunteer hours and more than $350,000 in grant funding.


Congratulations to MainStreet Board President Susan Crockett, Director Kat Davis and everyone with the organization. MainStreet is very busy right now preparing for the upcoming CavernFest celebration.


This year’s CavernFest will be taking place June 9 and 10. Bands set to play include Last Child, Grace Tyler and Bri Bagwell on Friday. On the lineup for Saturday are Cody Zane Wells, S.H.I.L.O, Palmer Anthony, Carson Jeffrey and the Eli Young Band.  This free event is one of Carlsbad’s largest every year.

In fact, there are major events scheduled for almost every weekend for the next few months, and we look forward to seeing you at all of them.

Sincerely, Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway


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