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Public Notice (1-11-2023

Public Notice (1-11-2023): We have received a great deal of feedback about construction work taking place at the corner of Canal Street and Cherry Lane. Even though this intersection is outside of City limits, we recognize that it of great impact to our residents and nearby residents, and we have spoken with the contractor to address public concerns.

This project is a private sewer line being handled by J&H Services Inc. Eddy County handles Right of Way issues, while the sewer line is being connected into the municipal sanitary sewer system.

The project involves extended a sewer line at the center of the intersection. To handle this, the entire intersection will be closed from Wednesday afternoon through Friday. Beginning Friday, we have been informed, vehicles will be able to turn left or right from North Canal Street on to Cherry Lane. The other portions of the intersection will remain closed for possibly up to three weeks.

We have also spoken with J&H Services about the need for additional street signs warning motorists about the closure. We have been assured that this issue is being addressed. This project is not a City project, but we will do our best to keep the public informed of new developments. If you have any additional questions about this project, please call J&H Services Inc. at (505) 896-9428.



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