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Update 11-25-22 (FRIDAY)


Thanks to Laura Dhenin, the president of the Carlsbad High School Swim Team, we have some more swimming results for you.  The swim team was in Lovington on Nov. 19 for the 2022 Wildcat Invitation.

At the meet, the girls 200-yard freestyle relay team qualified for state with a first place finish and time of 1:52.26. This team featured  Sophia Corder, Olivia Jang, Hope Wittmayer and Colette Dhenin. The Cavegirls (Corder, Dhenin and Payton Jones) also took the top three places in the 100 Yard Freestyle.

Other notable swims for the Cavegirls include: Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay, 1st place, with C. Dhenin (Backstroke), Jang (Breaststroke), Corder (Butterfly) and H. Wittmayer (Freestyle); Girls 200 Yard IM: Jang, 1st place; Girls 200 Yard Freestyle: Jones, 2nd place,; Charlie Martinez, 4th place,; Girls 50 Yard Freestyle: H. Wittmayer, 3rd place,; Girls 500 Yard Freestyle: Julia Comer, 6th place,; Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke: Jang, 2nd place, , and Comer, 7th place.

The Cavemen did not disappoint either. The boys had two relay teams in the Boys 200 Yard Medley, placing 2nd, 1:59.73, with Sam Vega (Backstroke), Gabe Wittmayer (Breaststroke), Mason Dhenin (Butterfly) and Ty Longoria (Freestyle) and 5th place, with Moses Mendoza (Backstroke), Andree Bautista (Breaststroke), Kade Corbin (Butterfly) and Dane Naylor (Freestyle).


The Cavemen also had two teams in the Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, placing 1st, with G. Wittmayer, Longoria, Bautista, and M. Dhenin; and 4th place, , with Naylor, Vega, Mendoza, and Corbin. Other top swims include: Boys 500 Yard Freestyle: M. Dhenin, 1st place, dropping an impressive 13.50 second, finishing with 5:36.98; Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke: G. Wittmayer, 1st place, and Longoria, 2nd place, Boys 200 Yard Freestyle: G. Wittmayer, 2nd place; Boys 200 Yard IM, Bautista, 5th place,; Boys 50 Yard Freestyle: M. Dhenin, 4th place,; Naylor, 5th place,; and Bautista, 7th place; Boys 100 Yard Freestyle: Corbin, 8th place,; Boys 100 Yard Backstroke: Vega, 5th place,; and Corbin, 6th place. Congratulations again to the Cavemen and Cavegirls.



The Carlsbad Cavemen lost their opening basketball game to Eldorado on Monday in a nail biter. The final score was 46-45, with the Cavemen having a slight lead going into the fourth quarter of the home game. The Cavemen, who are coached by John Zumbrun, will play Alamogordo next on Nov 26. The Cavegirls begin their season on Nov. 28 against Alamogordo as well. The wrestling team had a scrimmage in Goddard last week and will compete in Rio Rancho on Dec. 2.




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