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Update 10-12-22


Former Carlsbad resident Katy Caraway played an essential role in a daring rescue of three fisherman whose boat sank off the seas of the Louisiana coast this past weekend. Lt. Caraway, with the United States Coast Guard, is a helicopter pilot. You can watch her interview on the Today Show here:

The Coast Guard launched a search after a family member called Saturday night. The Guard spent hours searching a large area of the Gulf of Mexico, but were able to find the men when one of them managed to get a text through to family members. The men were being attacked by sharks even as rescue crews closed in, and they suffered from lacerations due to the shark attacks.

In interviews, first responders praised the fact that the fishermen were wearing life jackets, which they said kept them alive.

Lt. Caraway is the daughter of John and Cheryl Caraway. Congratulations to Lt. Caraway on a job well done.


Everybody believes that their graduating class is the best one, but there’s a lot of strong evidence to indicate that the Carlsbad High School Class of 1962 is near the top of the list. My graduating class, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend, has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships through the Carlsbad Community Foundation. Additional scholarships are anticipated due to a number of very generous donations. Class of ’62 members have also donated paintings to the Carlsbad Museum, and the members have maintained an incredible commitment toward civic service.

The heart and soul of the Class of ’62 reunion and philanthropic efforts is Sally Miller, who is one of the most organized individuals you’ll ever meet. Sally has also been a long-time member of our library board, and she assists with our Fourth of July planning efforts.

Her husband, Mickey, is also a member of the planning committee. Professor Dwight Pitcaithley, former chief historian for the national park service, also assists with this effort. Committee members also include Harold and Marilyn West, Allen Walker, Allan Kilgore, Linda Dunagan, Sharon Funk, Carol Lofton, Bobby Porter and Danny Gibson. The Class of ‘62’s philanthropic efforts will be ongoing, but this weekend, members will be celebrating their reunion. Other classes, such as the Class of ’72, have also developed scholarship programs, and we challenge all Carlsbad High School graduates to do the same.


Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

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