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Next Phase of Street Rehabilitation Underway


Multiple streets across Carlsbad are currently being repaved (MicroSeal) in this phase of the City of Carlsbad’s Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program. Expect some street closures to through traffic and brief delays during this process. The MicroSealing process is short duration, meaning closures will only last a few hours.  This phase of repaving began Sept. 7 and will end Sept. 11.

Wednesday September 7th, 2022

  • Dennis Way

Thursday September 8th, 2022

  • Fountain Dr. (North of W. Church St.; South of Dennis Way)

Friday September 9th, 2022

  • Miehls Rd. (North of Fountain Dr.; South of Skyline Rd.)
  • Allen St.
  • Rex St.
  • N Eddy St. (North of W. Peirce St.; South of W. Riverside Dr.)
  • Vine St. (West of Parkview Dr.)
  • Parkview Dr. (South of E. Blodgett St.; North of Elmdale St.)
  • Rosedale St. (West of Parkview Dr.)

Saturday September 10th, 2022

  • Miehls Rd. (South of Fountain Dr.; North of W Church St.)
  • Champions Dr.
  • Francis St. (East of Main St.; South of E. Riverside Dr.)
  • Pierce St.
  • Elmdale St. (East of Parkview Dr.; West of E. Parkview Dr.)
  • Parkview Dr.(North of E. Church st.; South of Rosedale St.)

Sunday September 11th, 2022

  • Fountain Dr. (East of Miehls Rd.; North of Dennis Way)
  • N Edwards St. (East of US Hwy 285; North of W. Blodgett St.)
  • Edwards St. (West of N. Thomas St.; East of N. Richard St.)
  • Nelson St.
  • Poplar St.
  • Rosedale St. (East of Parkview Dr.; West of E. Riverside Dr.)



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