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Update 8-24-22


Here’s an update on the Bataan Memorial Bridge issue:

Last week, as reported, the southern portion of the bridge was opened to a single lane for both east and westbound traffic. The northern portion of the bridge has been closed for future construction.

Additionally, at the same time, some modifications were made by the NMDOT to the traffic control at the intersection of U.S. 62-180 with N.M. 200. The intent was for local (non 18-wheeler) traffic to drive around to the right of this barrier and then continue toward the Bataan Bridge from the west.

However, many motorists understandably found the instructions at this intersection to be extremely confusing and felt that they were still being diverted toward N.M. 200. We’re now working with the NMDOT to develop a system that will be easier to navigate.

On Tuesday (Aug. 23), we are pleased to report that the barriers between N.M. 200 and the Bataan Bridge have been modified by the NMDOT to hopefully make it clearer that local traffic is able to continue to the west. We hope this situation will see continued improvement.


Carlsbad’s Emily Wirth, the executive director of CEHMM, was recently one of the key panelists at an event hosted by the Congressional Western Caucus. Representative Dan Newhouse chairs the event, while our own Congresswoman, Yvette Herrell, serves as vice chair. Herrell also invited Wirth to be a panelist on the topic “ESA Solutions: The Case of the Lesser Prairie Chicken.” Karla Niemeier also participated in the event through CEHMM.

CEHMM is an excellent local organization with a great reputation for taking a balanced, comprehensive approach toward all issues. The purpose of the organization is to work toward practical solutions to solutions that affect human health and the environment, and many energy companies worth directly with CEHMM. You can find more information at

Wirth spoke about the candidate conservation agreement through CEHMM and how much good it has done. If you’d like to watch Wirth’s presentation, it’s online at

Wirth has been with CEHMM since 2011 and has a Master of Science degree in Biology from the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.


There’s a lot of work going on at the Cavern Theatre right now, following approval of Phase 4 of the project. This phase includes demolition of the old HVAC system, building out the stage for a live performance, installing acoustic plastic to the auditorium walls, rehabbing the cry rooms and projection room, constructing the sound booth area and painting the auditorium.

When this phase is completed, the theatre will take on an entirely new look. This phase should take about six month. Special thanks to Ken Britt for all of his dedication to this project.




Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway



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