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Update 4-24-22


Due to increased fire danger, our two nearby national parks have implemented a number of preventative measures to reduce the chance of wildfires. However, it is very important to clarify that Carlsbad Caverns is still open for underground tours.

Overnight camping is currently prohibited at Carlsbad Caverns, permitting of overnight backcountry trips is suspended, and propane stoves are prohibited. Park trails remain open, but Walnut Canyon Desert Drive is closed.

Additionally, Guadalupe Mountains National Park has made the decision to close all wilderness campgrounds until further notice. The camping prohibition only applies to the backcountry areas. Camp stoves and other ignition devices are also currently prohibited. Please note that all trails remain open at this time, and camping in the developed areas of the park is still allowed.  Unfortunately, in the era of social media, miscommunication is often common. Both National Parks are still open – they just have specific restrictions in place.


Over the Easter weekend, the public attendance in our parks area was incredible. It was so nice to see of our picnic tables and parks filled with families enjoying the weekend. We expect more of the same this weekend, as long as the wind cooperates.  Thank you to the Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition and Carlsbad Police Department for organizing the “Spring Fling” at the beach area.

We are proud to announce that the Beach area splash pad is now open for the summer. This spot has become one of Carlsbad’s most popular places to cool down. The splash pad at the Bob Forrest Youth Sports Complex is also open. Thanks again to the members of our community who made these splash pads possible, including the Gregory family and the Forrest family.

Another big event at the Beach is coming up the following weekend. Anthony Alonzo’s “BBQ Jam” will be taking place April 29 and 30. This is a dance competition featuring popping, freestyle and other styles. There’s a hip hop session from 5-8 p.m. on the 29th and a battle on the 30th.  A car show is also planned at the event. Past events have drawn great crowds from around the region.  For more information, please call 575-200-5229.


Thanks again to everyone who helped organize the Walk Against Child Abuse on Friday morning, especially Staci Compton, Maria Calderon and Judge Jane Shuler Gray. It was great to spend some time with the professionals around town who devote themselves toward helping our children.




Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

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