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Red Cross Disaster Team Arrives in Eddy County

Eddy County, NM – The Red Cross Disaster Team has arrived in Eddy County to assist residents that were displaced due to flooding on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

Red Cross may be able to help with financial assistance if an individual’s essential living space has been damaged by flooding.

Essential living space, as defined by Red Cross is a room in a home that:

  • Serves as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and/or living room
  • Is regularly occupied or used by one or more members of the household, and
  • Requires repair to bring functionality back to the home

The Red Cross Disaster Team will talk to anyone needing assistance and assess flood damage. If displaced citizens do not qualify for assistance today, a service case can still be opened and help given to identify other non-profits who may be able to assist.

For more information, call Robert Barber with the Red Cross Disaster Team at 575-808-9814.

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