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Update 2-22-21

Carlsbad’s grocery stores celebrated “Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day” on Monday, and it was certainly very well deserved. Thank you to David Beaty and Albertsons for inviting us to the store to read a proclamation in honor of the great Albertsons employees. However, the recognition is also for all of the hardworking employees at La Tienda, Walmart, and at all other stores around town, who all deserve credit for everything they’ve done over the past year.

Our supermarket employees have dealt with pandemics and arctic blasts over the past year. They’d had to enforce a variety of state policies, which they may or may not agree with, and remain professional throughout it all, no matter how stressed their customers might be that day. It became abundantly clear throughout the year that the role these men and women play to our community fits every definition of the word essential. We need to buy groceries no matter what else is going on, and we are thankful for the hard work and dedication of all of our supermarket employees who make that possible.

On top of everything else, many of these men and women, such as those on the Albertsons “A” Team, volunteer their time and focus on helping the community. Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day was an important way of recognizing everything these men and women do for our community.

COVID-19 update: We had 25 new positives reported for Eddy County on Sunday, which included 15 for Carlsbad’s zip code. This was the highest single-day total we’ve had over the past month. There were 6 positives announced for Eddy County on Saturday. New Mexico will update its county-by-county- gating criteria on Wednesday. The positivity rate has continued to drop for Eddy County over the past 6 weeks, but we do not believe Eddy County will be low enough for a “Yellow” designation during this week’s announcement.

College Bill update: The education committee hearing for Representative Brown’s HB 212, which would make Carlsbad’s college independent, began on Monday but was rolled to Wednesday due to an overlapping schedule issue. We hope to have many supporters show up for the online hearing Wednesday morning and speak in support for this bill. You can participate by visiting the education committee page at Please let us know if you require any assistance.

Power update: According to a press release from Xcel Energy, the Southwest Power Pool formally returned to normal operations on Saturday night. The Southwest Power Pool directed Xcel Energy to conduct two controlled outages in Carlsbad on Feb. 15 and 16. Many of our neighbors in Texas certainly had it much worse. While we are glad to have returned to normal operations, we certainly hope we can find ways to improve on the system in the future.




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