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Update: 1-5-21


Jay Granger, who served the City of Carlsbad for more than 38 years, retired on Dec. 31. Jay first joined the City in 1982 as a laborer for the water department and worked his way up through a variety of positions. Most recently, he served as the Superintendent of our Street Department. He was also highly involved with the United Steelworkers throughout most of his career and did an excellent job as their representative.

Jay took his responsibilities to the Steelworkers, to his job, and to the City very seriously. He could always be counted on and we wish him the best. Jay Granger is an honest, hard-working, dedicated and all-around outstanding person.

On Tuesday morning, two new members of the Eddy County Commission were sworn in. Congratulations to Sarah Cordova (District 5) and Fred Beard (District 3). Commissioner Jonathan Henry, Treasurer Laurie Pruitt and Sheriff Mark Cage also took new oaths of office due to being re-elected. Thank you to all of these officials for their commitment to serving the residents of Carlsbad and Eddy County.

We wish to offer our condolences to the family and many, many friends of local attorney Matt Byers, who died on Jan. 2.  Matt, a 1990 graduate from the UNM School of Law, practiced law in Carlsbad for most of thirty years. During his time here, he received numerous awards for volunteering his time to provide legal assistance to others and was a highly rated attorney.

He is also being fondly remembered for a wide variety of community efforts, such as serving as the emcee for the annual knowledge bowl. He was also a highly charitable individual who was well liked and respected across the community.  Family has asked that donations be made to the David Weyerman Memorial Scholarship at the Carlsbad Foundation.

The state’s vaccination website,, has made some changes to its website allowing users to complete personal profiles. These profiles will be used to notify New Mexicans when vaccine doses become available in their area, according to the NM Department of Health. Users are asked to initially submit basic contact information on the web page and then provide additional demographic and insurance information. According to the state, vaccinations are free, but providing insurance information helps support the cost of the vaccination program. Users will then receive a notification when they are eligible to receive a vaccination.


Since its release two weeks ago, the website has received more than 230,000 registrations.


Thank you to the Current-Argus for running the development report yesterday. There was one other item related to the development report, which is a summary of building permit information. This provides a good overview of what is going on in Carlsbad.  That information is below.



Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway



MONTH                                  PERMITS                 VALUATIONS         FEES COLLECTED

July 2020                               227                         $8,852,527.17      $27,110.75

August 2020                         297                         $3,513,164.38      $24,306.25

September 2020                  194                         $3,237,538.11      $17,461.25

October 2020                       213                         $3,989,646.81      $18,431.50

November 2020                   137                         $1,617,951.37      $12,893.00

YTD                                         931                         $21,210,827.84   $100,202.75


MONTH                                  PERMITS                 VALUATIONS         FEES COLLECTED

July 2019                               255                         $5,143,646.44      $22,164.75

August 2019                         322                         $19,014,924.00   $46,421.75

September 2019                 245                         $4,657,318.92      $26,276.50

October 2019                       291                         $13,914,123.91   $40,379.75

November 2019                   262                         $7,927,772.55      $31,485.50

December 2019                   188                         $4,041,126.32      $18,236.50

January 2020                        297                         $11,932,107.59   $41,269.50

February 2020                     234                         $4,733,748.46      $21,365.18

March 2020                          267                         $20,939,762.95   $50,944.67

April 2020                             231                         $7,878,537.86      $29,005.00

May 2020                              229                         $18,306,641.09   $35,940.25

June 2020                             271                         $9,012,310.58      $33,297.89

YTD                                         3,092                      $127,502,020.67 $396,787.24



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