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Happy New Year!

This is often the time of year when many organizations will write summaries highlighting the previous year. The question is, does anyone really want to be reminded of everything that happened in 2020?

Instead, let’s focus on some of our hopes for 2021.

  • Does it really need to be said? We want to see the end of COVID-19, in every possible way. This terrible sickness has taken its toll on our community, in so many ways. We have grieving families right now, and many others who are very concerned about sick loved ones. We’ve recently seen some good developments in terms of getting past COVID-19, with the arrival of a limited number of vaccines in Carlsbad, which have gone to our health care workers and first responders. We have also received positive reports from those who have taken the vaccine. Please help us move forward by continuing to avoid large gatherings, practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask when it is appropriate. Continue to pray for our health care workers.
  • We want our kids back in school. Our educators are doing their very best with online learning, but there’s no disputing the massive academic and social setbacks caused by the lack of an in person educational system. We also very much look forward to a return to sports, band, after school science clubs, and the many other activities which make being a kid memorable.
  • We want life back to normal for our small businesses and restaurants, who have borne much more than their share of the financial hardships over the past year.
  • We want to see a healthy recovery of the oil and gas industry. Here, there have been promising signs as both the rig count and the price of domestic oil have moved up through December. We hope for bipartisan political support recognizing the vital role the energy industry plays to New Mexico’s economy. Some of the best reserves in the world are still beneath Carlsbad.
  • We want to work towards a bright future with parades, concerts, beach volleyball tournaments, line dancing and celebrations that show off our beautiful city.

One point we’ve tried to make throughout the year is that 2020 wasn’t all bad. There were park cleanups and toy drives, inspiring individuals and positive moments. As we move into 2021, let’s find a way to keep what was best to come out of 2020 – the sense of a community joining together to help those in need and the spirit of caring displayed by thousands of volunteers throughout the year. Let’s take the best parts of 2020, and only the best parts, and move forward with hopes toward a great new year.




Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway


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