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11-25-20 Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

While not many of us will probably not be looking fondly back at 2020, the one positive about this difficult year is that it brought out the good in so many people. Time and time throughout this year, Carlsbad residents have stepped forward and shown their compassion and their tenacity.

We’re thankful that we have so many generous individuals in our community. Yesterday, we talked about the Trinity Hotel generously taking up Pete the Chef’s Thanksgiving tradition. They are not alone. Local XTO employees, for example, raised $1,400 this year to help feed approximately 350 families on Thanksgiving. XTO Energy also donated funds to pay for turkey and hams. Despite facing numerous challenges of their own, Carlsbad residents are currently scrambling to help with Secret Santa and Toys for Tots programs.

We’re thankful for having a close-knit community. The Carlsbad Public Library is currently running a “Pen Pals For Seniors” program. You can drop off cards and letters in the outside book-drop off at the library. Cards and letters will be dropped off at several places around the community. Just address your letter with “Dear Pen Pal” or “Dear Friend,” and feel free to include a drawing or picture from your kids. Janell Whitlock and our age-friendly council organized a similar program over the summer and sent a large number of cards and letters to local seniors.

We’re thankful for having a great workforce at the City of Carlsbad. Our solid waste department, for example, overcame numerous obstacles this year and continues to do a fantastic job. As a reminder, solid waste pickup will be off on Thursday. The department will run Thursday’s route on Friday and then run Friday and Saturday’s routes on Saturday. Thanks again to our construction and welding crews at public works who did such a great job-helping put up the Huey helicopter at the Carlsbad Veterans Memorial Park.

We’re thankful to have so many outstanding nurses and doctors in our community. The fact that New Mexico State University-Carlsbad’s nursing program is ranked the best in the state means our medical community here has a great feeder program. Carlsbad Medical Center has done a great job of adjusting to this COVID outbreak and we especially appreciate their assistance with keeping us informed.

We’re thankful to be surrounded by so much natural beauty, and by residents who appreciate what we have here. While 2020 will go down in history for a number of reasons, it will also be a year that this community really focused on community cleanup efforts and on projects such as the 6-Mile Dam renovation.

Finally, we’re thankful to have so many churches and volunteer organizations in this community who have not backed down this year when it comes to helping people. It is easy to help for a week or two, but 2020 has been an endurance race. Thank you to the many individuals and groups who have found a way to help, day after day, month after month, and make Carlsbad a better place.


Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

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