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City Awarded “STOP School Violence” Grant

The City of Carlsbad has received a grant for more than $340,000 to go toward preventing school violence, Carlsbad Mayor Janway has announced.

The Bureau of Justice selected Carlsbad as a recipient for its “STOP School Violence” grant program, titled “Train School Personnel and Educate Students on Preventing Student Violence.”

“Congratulations to the Carlsbad Police Department, especially Chief Shane Skinner and Community Education Officer Josh Calder for their initiative in bringing this program together,” Mayor Janway said. “We owe it to our youth to take every step possible to provide them with a safe learning environment.”

The $346,625 grant was announced through the Bureau of Justice. The program includes training for school personnel and teaching for students.

In applying for the program, the City received grant assistance from Terry Brunner and Pivotal New Mexico, a company contracted by the Permian Strategic Partnership to help local governments, school districts and non-profits compete for state, federal and private grant opportunities.

“This grant will give the financial resources, over the next three years, to enable the City of Carlsbad Police Department to work with Carlsbad Municipal Schools to implement violence prevention programming and practices focused on anti-bullying, substance use prevention, and youth mental health needs” said Tracee Bentley, CEO of the Permian Strategic Partnership.  “Also critical during these unprecedented times, this grant will help the police and school personnel to work together to address suicide prevention in elementary, middle, and high schools in Carlsbad” she finished.

Brunner and Pivotal New Mexico have also successfully assisted with a City of Carlsbad mental health first aid grant, with a Boys and Girls Club grant for meals, and with a grant providing first responders with COVID-19 relief.

For more information on the STOP School Violence program, please visit

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