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Kat Davis Selected as Arts & Culture District Director

Kathleen Davis, a 2012 graduate of Carlsbad High School, has been selected as the Director of the Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Culture District, POP ACD President Mary Garwood announced.

“Kat’s own artistic, diverse, & eclectic background along her interest in encouraging a wide diversity of artist pursuits really impressed our board,” Garwood said.  “We’re all excited about working with her and know she’ll do a great job coordinating exciting artistic endeavors with the entire community.”

Davis, 26, grew up in Ireland, but she has lived in the United States for the past nine years. She is an active member of the Carlsbad Downtown Lions Club and enjoys helping with a wide variety of community projects.

“Art can mean something different to anyone that you ask and that’s something that makes it so beautiful, no two answers will ever be the same,” she noted. “While music is my ‘art of choice’, I have a profound respect and love for all art forms.”

Davis said she believes the many challenges of 2020 have allowed people to tap into their creative and artistic sides in ways they have never seen before.

The Pearl of the Pecos Arts & Culture District is a diverse and thriving epicenter for arts and culture in Carlsbad, which supports art education and economic development. As director, Davis will work closely with the Creative Carlsbad Arts Council, Carlsbad MainStreet and the Fine Arts and Acquisition Vetting Committee in promoting the arts in Carlsbad..

Kat proclaimed, “I am enthusiastic and excited to be your new Executive Director for the Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Culture District and I look forward to what the future has in store for our community!”

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