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Spirit of the Oilfield Winners Announced 9-24-20

We learned a lot during the 2020 Energy Summit, and thank you to everyone who helped us put it together. We’re proud to announce our three Spirit of the Oilfield selections as well as our two outstanding Community Partner awards.

Our Spirit of the Oilfield Awards went to Jakob Lujan, Steven Dominguez and Michael Herron.

Steven Dominguez is a completions and well work safety supervisor for XTO Energy. His nominator, Kelly Dominguez, included feedback from two of Steven’s co-workers, Karl Randolph and Armando Hernandez. We’re told that Steven proves that with hard work and determination a person can do anything and go anywhere. He is a man to never take credit for the good things he has done and is always ready to give it to others.  Congratulations Steven!

Here’s what our nominator had to say about our next recipient, Jakob Lujan, a field operator with Sendero. This nomination came to us from Josie Lujan.

“He leads by example and is very deserving of this award. He is committed to safety because he is responsible for ensuring the facility’s systems are running smoothly and making any necessary changes to optimize throughput and operating efficiency,” writes Josie. Jakob also volunteers with the Eddy County DWI Program. Congratulations Jakob!

Finally, we were proud to honor Michael Herron, who is an account rep with the Marathon branch of DNOW. Michael was nominated by Andrea Herron. Andrea tells us that Michael is a Marine Corp Iraqi War Veteran who maintains that high level of Pride and Leadership in all that he does. Michael even organized a cookout for area first responders. Thank you for your service, Michael.

Anthony Foreman and Clint Cone were also honored as outstanding community partners.

When the Coronavirus pandemic reached New Mexico and the Governor shut everything down, Anthony, who runs AR Foreman Construction, got word that not only were the schools being closed (where many of our at risk youth receive their meals, emotional support and interaction with positive role models) but that the Boys and Girls Club was also having to close. In addition to being closed, the Boys and Girls Club, as a result of a lack of funding, was going to be laying off their staff. Anthony said “Not on my watch.”

Anthony made a significant donation to the Boys and Girls Club and found a way for the organization to survive both as an employer and as a resource for our children. This is just one of the many, many things that Anthony has done to support the community.

Everyone knows Clint Cone around town and we appreciate his dedication to the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and Department of Development through his position at Sendero Midstream, but we want to also focus on his personal employee commitment. This came to us from Travis Combs:

“I had an idea of what needed to be done to clear the line and make the work safe but still didn’t feel 100% comfortable giving the go ahead for work to begin. I approached Clint about my reservations and he made clear to me that i should never hesitate to admit i didn’t know something. He said to me ” The people that can’t admit the need help or don’t know something are the ones you have to watch out for”

Clint is also highly involved in the community and has been very dedicated to Christmas on the Pecos.

We’ll discuss a bit more about what our speakers had to say in an upcoming update, but congratulations again to our  “Spirit of the Oilfield” and Community Partner recipients, and thanks again to our judges, Janell Whitlock, Aaron Emmert and Desiree Kicker.



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