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City of Carlsbad Development Report- July 2020

Here’s an updated version of our larger scale residential and commercial development report, as of mid-July. We’re happy to see so much development continuing in Carlsbad. There were 229 permits issued in May of 2020 with a valuation of more than $18 million dollars. Over the past year, there were 2,821 permits issued with a valuation of $118.5 million dollars.


T-Mobile Business: located at 1013 W. Pierce St. in the same building as Wienerschnitzel. This project will outfit the interior. The contractor is LASCO Construction. Valuation of the project is $1,228,929.00.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness Church: located at 483 Happy Valley Rd. This project is a new church building. Contractor is Lancon. The valuation is $800,000.00

Carlston Ranch Master Planned Community: located south of Derrick Rd. on the east side of National Parks Hwy. The developer is proposing to locate a Business Park along Derrick Rd.

Lakeview Christian Home: located at 1905 W. Pierce St. This project is an addition to the existing facility. National Construction, Inc. is the general contractor. Project valuation is $3,879,388.00.

Skyline Dr. Commercial Subdivision: located to the north of Skyline Dr. along Pierce Str. The developers are Trey Hughes, Clay Wilson, and Scott Branson. The plan is to build at least 9 new commercial lots with entrance off of Skyline Dr.

Dollar General: located on the south side of W. Lea St. in the 2200 block, just west of the main CID canal. Complete plans have been submitted to the Building Department and are under review.

XTO Regional Office:  located at 1704 Corrales Dr. The Planning and Building Depts. have received plans for this facility to locate construction office trailers on site.

Waters Orthodontist office: located at 820 N. Canal St. The owner of the property is Jim and Judi Waters. Plans have been submitted and permits issued. This project is 35% complete. Valuation is $400,000.00.

William McCauley Dentistry office: located at 612 N. Canyon St. This project is a 3,600 sq. ft. addition to the existing office. The contractor is Greer Construction. This project is 45% complete.

Jenkins RV Park: located at 121 Kircher St. This project is the installation of a full RV Park. The owners are Joe and Jayden Jenkins. The park will contain 60 RV spaces. This project is 85% complete. Valuation is $484,000.00.

Lucy’s Cantina Property: located at 701 S. Canal St. The existing structures on this property have been demolished to make way for a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant). The restaurant will be a Taco Bell/KFC. Demo of the site is complete.

Black River Trucking (Shannon Roper): located at 711 Church St. These buildings will serve as the administrative offices for Black River Trucking. Framing is up and progress continues. This project is 50% complete. Valuation is $319,000.00.

Baymont Inn Hotel: located at the 3705 National Parks Hwy. The owner is Prakash Patel. This project will create approximately 60 units. This project is 15% complete. Valuation is $800,000.00.

Big O Tires: located at 4212 National Parks Hwy. The contractor is White Sands Construction. Work is underway. This project is 60% complete. Valuation is $1.2 million.

Trey Hughes Subdivision – Derrick Rd.: located east of 1200 Derrick Rd. The developer is Trey Hughes. The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a preliminary plat showing 14 large industrial lots to be created along with an internal City street.

La Cueva Retail Center: located at 1302 S. Canal St. This property is owned by Marvin Albright. The plan is to install a mini-strip mall of commercial shops. 7 new commercial shops will be built. Valuation of the project is $850,000.00. This project is 25% complete.

CNB Bank South Branch: located at the corner of National Parks Hwy. and Hamilton St. This will be a 4,864 sq. ft. office with multiple drive thru windows. Greer Construction is the contractor. This project is 20% complete. Valuation is $2.8 million.

Renovation of the Odd Fellows Building: This project located at 215 W. Mermod now houses the new space for Milton’s Brewing as well as a large community room on the second floor with planned roof top dinning in phase-2. Total cost of $850,000.00. Contractor Trend Builders. Phase 1 is complete.

Hyatt House Hotels: Located at 4019 National Parks Hwy. Crestline Development is the developer/contractor. Plans now show a Hyatt Regency being planned next to this Hyatt House Development. This project is 75% complete. Valuation is $15.5 million.

Home 2 Suites by Hilton: Located at 3500 National Park’s Hwy. This is a new Hotel with 99 rooms with an estimated cost of 2 million dollars. Green St. Construction is the contractor. This project is 80% complete.

Mainstay Suites: Located at 3621 San Jose Blvd. The owner is Stay Carlsbad, LLC. The contractor is First Choice Builders. This project is 50% complete. Valuation is $5.2 million.

Best Western: Located at 2601 Patrick St. The owner is Bipin Bhakta. A to Z Construction is the contractor. This project is 40% complete. Valuation is $1.75 million.

Brininstool Commercial development: located at the old Fiesta Drive In on San Jose Blvd., this development will be a commercial park for oil field related business. The owner/developer is Joe Brininstool. The development and buildings continue construction.

Fire Station 6: located at the Cavern City Airport. White Sands is the contractor. The cost is approximately $1.6 million. The project is approximately 85% complete.

Chevron offices: located at 5301 Lomas Dr. within the Carlsbad Airport Industrial Park. This is a 27,480 sq. ft. facility. The contractor is Jaynes Corporation. Work is complete. Valuation is $3.1 million.

OXY Project: located at 1608 Commerce Dr. This project is a 60,000 sq. ft. office building and a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility. The contractor is Mira Enterprises. Valuation of this project is $3.2 million. The project is 35% complete.

RR&D LLC Project: located at 2701 Boyd Dr. This will be a warehouse and office for RR&D Trucking. The contractor is Herb Pettus.  The valuation of the project is $397,500.00.

Cascades Development: A mixed use residential/commercial development is being built at the Cascades property. This development will house smaller scale commercial units with residential units built into the complex.


Carlston Ranch Master Planned Community: located south of Derrick Rd. on the east side of National Parks Hwy. The developer is proposing a 267 unit townhome development just south of Derrick Rd.

Fox Street Apartments: located at 1104-1108 W. Fox St. The contractor is Trend Builders. 12 Units are planned for this development, four four-plex buildings. Valuation is $300,000.00 per building. This project is 35% complete.

Skyline Dr. Development Phase 2: this development will be located to the north of the Skyline Dr. Commercial development, further north along Pierce St. The developers are Trey Hughes, Clay Wilson, and Scott Branson. The property is approximately 96 acres, and the developers plan to build single family housing.

Arrowstone Apartments: located at the intersection of Hidalgo Rd. and Boyd Dr. Plans for Phase 1 have been submitted to the Building Dept. for review. This will create 132 new apartment units. The owner/contractor is Crestline Building Corporation. This project is 10% complete. Valuation is $13 million.

Carlsbad Apartments: located at 301 W. Chapman Rd. Gallardo Construction is the contractor. This will be 120 apartment units. This project is 15% complete. Valuation is $14 million.

Cielo Lindo development: located at the SW corner of W. Lea St. and Standpipe Rd., this development will create 127 new single family lots for residential use. The owners are Jack Volpato and Sherry Neatherlin. This project is 60% complete.

Lea St. Apartments: located at 513 and 511 W. Lea St. 14 new apartment units will be built. The contractor is True North Construction Services LLC. This project is 20% complete. Valuation is $1 million.

Oasis Subdivision Phase 1: located to the north of Farmview Subdivision Phases 1-4, and east of Martin Farms Subdivision. The developer is Ken Thurston. Drainage dirt work is underway.

Martin Farms Unit 3: located to the east of Martin Farms Unit 2, east of Old Cavern Hwy. This unit will create 51 single family residential lots. Initial work is underway.

Village at Carlsbad Phase 2 Apartments: located at 3821 National Parks Hwy., this project will be Phase 2 of the Village at Carlsbad Apartments. The owner plans to install 96 units during this phase of the project. Planning for the project has begun.

White Oak Development – Apartment complex: located on Boyd Dr. north of Hidalgo Rd. This will be a 189 unit apartment complex. The developer is White Oak Development.

Pecos Vista Apartments: located at 780 W. Cherry Ln. (north corner of W. Cherry Ln. and Callaway Dr.). It will encompass 24 new buildings and 204 units. The general contractor will be Icon Builders. Owner: Pecos Vista Apartments. The first phase of apartments are open, 85 units total. Total costs: $12,000,000.00.



Wienerschnitzel: The location is 1013 W. Pierce St. next to the Verizon Wireless store. Valuation is $1.2 million.

JP Stone Community Bank: located at 502 N. Canal St. in the old Carl’s Jr. building. Valuation of project is a $500,000.00.

Sunwest Subdivision Unit 8: This development is owned by James Knott. It is located to the south of Hidalgo Rd. and west of Boyd Dr. This subdivision created 50 new single family housing lots for development.

Cimmarex Energy Field Office: located on National Parks Hwy. near Derrick Rd., this development is the building of a field office for Cimmarex Energy. Valuation of the project is $2.9 million.

Hughes Subdivision – Riverside Dr.: located at the intersection of Riverside Dr. and Westridge Rd. Owned by Trey Hughes. 10 new single family residential lots were created.

Carlsbad RV Park Expansion: located at 717 Hidalgo Rd. to the west of Happy’s restaurant, this project is a 57 space expansion of the existing Carlsbad RV Park.

Martin Farms Subdivision Units 1&2: located along Old Cavern Hwy. south of Farris St. Owned by Gary and Steve Walterscheid. 141 new single family residential lots were created.

Farmview Subdivision Phase 6: located south of Elgin Rd. and south of Farmview Subdivision Phases 1-4, along Thomason Rd. Owned by Ken Thurston. 114 new single family lots were created.




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