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Tree trimming, mowing to precede additional Xcel Energy line improvement projects in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD, New Mexico (Jan. 9, 2020) – Tree-trimming and mowing crews will be at work in the coming weeks in Carlsbad as Xcel Energy line crews prepare to upgrade power lines in February.

The line upgrades are part of a continuing effort launched in 2019 to improve the local power grid to meet growing electrical demand.

“The safety of our contractors and the public is our No. 1 priority, so we wanted to give the public some advance notice to be aware of this activity and understand why it is being done,” said James Lackey, Xcel Energy’s manager for Community and Economic Development.

The latest line improvement projects involve stringing new lines, mostly on existing structures, that will move a greater supply of electricity into neighborhoods in the area. Trees that have grown too close to the lines will be trimmed for the safety of workers and to prevent future tree-related outages. Additionally, the right of way for the line will be mowed to create a safer work environment.

Trimmers and mowers will be working in an area between Taos Street and Boyd Drive south of Crabb Street and along West Chapman Road, west of Old Cavern Highway.

Tree trimming crews will notify customers in advance if they require access to private property, but most of the work will be staged from the public right of way. Xcel Energy expects the trimming to take place within the next two weeks. Line workers will begin running new line in these areas in February.

Additional line projects are planned in 2020, along with other projects to reduce congestion on the grid by adding more power capacity to the existing system. More details on these projects will be released as final plans are approved.


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