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JJ Chavez Appointed to ECA Board

City Council Member JJ Chavez from the City of Carlsbad, New Mexico was recently elected by his Energy Communities Alliance peers to the position of Member-At-Large, joining the ECA Executive Board. The election occurred at the annual Department of Energy Intergovernmental Meeting, hosted this year in Nashville, Tennessee. The ECA Executive Board welcomes JJ Chavez’s commitment to ECA and the cleanup mission. Mr. Chavez has devoted his time to serving the people of Carlsbad as a Council Member and also as a radiation tech at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. ECA welcomes his experience and the Executive Board is excited to move forward with JJ Chavez in this new role.

As a member of the ECA Executive Board, Mr. Chavez will lead the direction of ECA. And be a voice for the Carlsbad community and local governments around the country before DOE, Congress and the Administration.

ECA is the non-profit organization of local governments adjacent to, or affected by, DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) activities.  Our membership, which is comprised of mayors, county executives and commissioners, city and county councilors, etc., works in cooperation with DOE to advance ECA’s mission: to bring together local government officials to share information, establish policy positions, and promote community interests to address an increasingly complex set of constituent, environmental, regulatory, and economic development needs.

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