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Applications are accepted at any time, however, testing and selection procedures take place only when positions become available.  An application can be obtained from the Personnel Department of the Municipal Building located at 101 N. Halagueno, Carlsbad (575) 887.1191 or downloaded from this website.    When a position becomes available, applications that have been filled out and returned to the Municipal Building will be reviewed.  The applicant will then be notified as to the specific requirements and continuation of the hiring process.


Carlsbad Police Department Employment Application

email applications to our hr department




Newly hired police officers and telecommunicators who hold a New Mexico certification shall enter the appropriate pay rate commensurate with their total years of service.

Newly hire police officers who hold a law enforcement certification from another state that is accepted by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy for a "Cert by Waiver" course and have two or more years of experience as a police officer shall enter at the Patrolman II wage rate and upon successful completion of the course shall be immediately moved to the Senior Patrolman rate commensurate with their total years of law enforcement service and shall be considered a lateral transfer.

Lateral transfers shall accrue vacation at the appropriate rate commensurate to their total years of continuous experience, up to a maximum credit of ten years of service. Upon completion of the initial training period, lateral transfers shall be granted vacation hours equal to half of the maximum allowed based on their years of service and shall continue to accrue vacation monthly commensurate with their total years of service, up to a maximum credit of ten years of service.

Lateral transfers who enter as a Senior Patrolman will be eligible to test for Detective when positions are available.


* Signifies pay based on years of service
Uncertified Patrolman $23.54 (Increases to $26.48 upon certification)
Certified Patrolman $26.48-$29.42*
Uncertified Telecommunicator $20.42 (Increases to $22.98 upon certification)
Certified Telecommunicator 22.98-25.53*
Community Service Officer $16.63-$16.80*
Animal Control Officer $15.33-$19.16*


Test Dates

Patrol Applicant Test Dates Candidate Study Guide At the previous link you may purchase the Entry-level Police Officer Candidate Stuy Guide third edition.

March 26, 2018

April 30, 2018

June 4th, 2018

Telecommunicator Test Dates


  • 1st through 5th anniversary: 10 working days
  • 6th through 10th anniversary: 15 working days
  • 11th through 15th anniversary: 20 working days
  • 16+ years of service: 1 day of vacation addition to the allotted 20 days for each year of service to a maximum of 30 days


  • 11 paid holidays a year.


  • The Carlsbad Police Department takes part in PERA. Officers can retire they have achieved 25 years of service. Civilian employees can retire when they have achieved 30 years of service.



Recognizing the value of highly educated Public Employees to the public, an to encourage city employees in all classifications to pursue academic degrees, education incentive pay is offered as follows:

Associates Degree $0.50 Hourly
Bachelor's Degree $1.00 Hourly
Master's Degree $1.50 Hourly

Employees who have received relevant academic degrees shall receive education incentive pay as follows:

Associates Degree $1.00 Hourly
Bachelor's Degree $2.00 Hourly
Master's Degree $3.00 Hourly

Bi-lingual employees shall receive $0.60 per hour additional base pay for all hours worked.

The following employees shall receive $0.60 per hour additional base pay for all hours worked with a cap of $2.40 per hour for four (4) or more specialties:

SRT Members Field Training Officers
Instructors (Academy Certified) Arson Investigators
Hostage Negotiator (Certified) Communication Training Officer
Automated Fingerprint System Instructor Breathalyzer Instructor
CVSA/Polygraph Operator Key Operator
Traffic Crash Reconstructionist Physical Fitness Instructor
Euthanasia Technician Crimes Against Children (ICAC)
Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Armorer
Cruelty Investigator Child Safety Technician



  • The City of Carlsbad pays 75% of the employee's health insurance benefit.


  • Newly certified officers will receive $1,000 upon completion of their probationary period to purchase equipment.
  • Lateral transfers will be provided $1,000 upon completion of the probationary period to purchase equipment.
      • Detectives.....................................................$1,560.00
      • Patrol Officers / Animal Control Officers...........$   650.00
      • Dispatch / Records........................................$   520.00


Minimum Qualifications for the position of Police Officer are as follows:
1.        Written Test Score of 70% or better
2.        Fitness Standards as Indicated
3.        21 years of age
4.        U.S. Citizenship
5.        High School Diploma
6.        New Mexico Law Enforcement Certification or Ability to obtain certification
7.        Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver's License
8.        Have no Felony convictions
9.        Have background free of disqualifying criminal activity