Carlsbad Public Works often receives inquires about how often the streets are swept with the large street sweepers. The Street Department has a street sweeping schedule that breaks the city up into 14 work zones.

Maintenance Zone Map 

Each zone is swept once a month according to the schedule above. We feel it is important to publish this schedule to help answer these questions and help the sweepers do a better job by soliciting help from the neighborhood citizens. Many people would like to have the area in front of their house swept but they have vehicles parked there. If they knew what day the sweepers would be in their area, they could move the vehicles off the street or move them over to cleaner areas to get a better sweeping job.

The work zone program helps us to concentrate on one area at a time. We have expanded it to include asphalt patching and litter control. Having several units in a zone at the same time helps their efficiency by allowing them to work together and help each other. It also helps spread the work evenly across the city. It would not be fair to concentrate on an area where people call in a lot while ignoring an area where people do not complain.

Some areas are too big to service every street in the area but we try to get the main streets and as many secondary streets as possible. We have to be responsive to emergencies and requests for sweeping outside the work zone. Some of the business centers need to be cleaned more often and these areas don't follow the work zone schedule as closely. The biggest problems are equipment downtime and personnel leave time. When these disrupt the schedule, we have to skip an area but we come back to it on one of the built in catch up days.